Why You Should Be Using Videos on Your Company’s Instagram

A lot of companies want their presence felt online. Whether your company is well-known in your locale or you are a start-up, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms you can engage in with potential customers.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is estimated to have about 400 million active users every month. This once photo sharing site has now opened its platform to 60-second video sharing as well. This isn’t long but it can do your brand good. The great thing about Instagram is that it is user-friendly.

Anyone who is new to social media can easily sign up for it. You can also connect your Instagram account with your brand’s Facebook account so sharing contents are even easier. And lastly, you can use your company’s personal hashtags to connect to different users and grow your audience’s reach all around the world.

Using videos on your company’s Instagram

Some might ask, “What can you do with a 60-second recording limit?” While it can be true that it isn’t very much, you have to look at it on the brighter side. A minute of video promotion is enough if you get to squeeze in all the necessary information you want to give at that certain topic for the time being. You have to keep in mind that length of the video does not equate to the relevance of information.

If you want to promote your company’s products and services, be sure to include only the information that is important. Do not waste time on talking about how your day went by if it is not essential to your promotion’s goal.

This 3-60 second limit can also be used to tease your customers about a new product you are promoting. Let us say, for example, you want your customers to try in your newly concocted barbecue chili sauce, you can have a short video of your restaurant’s famous baby back ribs oozing in barbecue chili sauce.

Then, you may want to invite your customers to come to your restaurant to have a taste of it.  People are always curious when they are somehow left on the edge of their seats. Also, make sure to use popular and relevant hashtags to your videos to be seen by everyone.

Lemonlight Media, a prominent Los Angeles-based video production company, exemplifies what an Instagram should look like. They utilize various mediums to transcribe their message to their users: informative videos, eye-catching videos of their behind-the-scenes video production, informative posts, and so much more. To see more of their interesting work visit www.lemonlight.com.

Ultimately, to truly make your company relevant in Instagram, always make sure that all your posts, photos, and videos, are relating to people your company’s visions and purpose. With this in mind, people will personally connect to your brand.