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Simple Tips on How to Shoot a Great Video for Any Occasion

To shoot a great video, you need to know many nuances that can influence the perception of any shot by your viewers. There are many mistakes that can be made by overusing a well-working technique or using it improperly. Once you learn about those techniques and using them right, you will be able to create a wonderful commercial, a featurette, a video with congratulations, etc.

8 Recommendations to Shoot a Great Video

    1. Don’t overuse the zoom.
      Zooming in and out has to be slow and steady, appearing only once or twice in the video. Avoid it at all if necessary, as an improper zoom handling can make the video look a bit amateurish.
    2. Think about the right frame.
      Frame your shots in a stylish way, by putting the main subject to be a bit off the center and creating a beautiful composition. Don’t go with a regular frame unless necessary, and you will find out about hundreds of creative shots that can be done.
    3. Balance the number of wide shots.
      Wide shots can be a very beautiful addition to a video, but only that, as in the rest of the clip it’s better to use more specific shots. To shoot a great video, you need to learn the balance of different pictures that will make it harmonious.
    4. Shoot from different spots.
      To make the video more dramatic and entertaining, make sure you change the spot of filming a number of times. You can change the place you stay at or just lower the camera to take a different angle.
    5. Avoid backlighting.
      Unless it’s the key idea, try to avoid backlighting, as the fact that you don’t see the faces of people talking doesn’t mean the camera will succeed in it. If backlighting is the approach you choose consciously, you can shoot a great video with creative points, though.
    6. Shoot only the most important moments.
      If you don’t plan to send your video for editing, don’t shoot redundant things. Follow the script and make only those shots necessary for your video. If you plan to edit it later, then do the opposite thing and shoot whatever can be suitable.
  1. Try shooting for wide screens.
    Nowadays, the most popular size of the video is 16:9, as the shots become more beautiful and the quality of videos level up. In case you’re shooting a video for someone with an old TV, bear their screen size in mind.
  2. Don’t use too much special effects.
    Special effects usually make any video more appealing and unique, but they can also spoil the whole idea. If you overuse them, your viewers’ attention will be attracted only to them and not to the story you were trying to depict.


Avoid overusing anything to shoot a great video, even if it seems a good idea at first. It’s important that everything is in balance, and breaking it may be bad for your project unless misbalancing is the main idea. Make sure you choose the right size for the shooting and the right lighting to make your project bright and beautiful.

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